Ask Me Anything – Basic Income Experiment in Finland


This event will be held in closed-door session. If you wish to participate, please fill the request form above.

What does basic social security in the 21st century mean, and how can it be designed? The overall project aims to develop a common European understanding, discussing policy proposals like basic income theories and experiments, as well as innovative ways to reform social security systems from a liberal perspective.

The future of social security sytems is moving European societies. Technological disruption, financing issues or the question of the effectiveness of existing systems are becoming increasingly important. This can be seen, for example, in an increased interest in unconditional basic income concepts or reform experiments carried out in Finland in recent years. Hence this “Ask me anything” workshop focuses on the ideas, implementation and results of the Basic Income Experiement in Finland. Signe Jauhiainen, who is Senior Researcher at KELA, the organization which organized the experiment, will share the results of the project with the participants.

Johannes Stolitzka, NEOS Lab

Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, European Liberal Forum

Signe Jauhiainen, Senior Researcher, KELA

Dieter Feierabend, NEOS Lab

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