Dare to debate! Reality and sci-fi scenarios of the digital revolution


The European Union is currently facing big challenges – AI and digitization which affects all parts of our lives. We already knew that it would be significant part of our future, but the importance of these phenomena was amplified by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which made the digitization even more intense than before. There are several questions regarded digital revolution as it is probably the greatest challenge for the civilization since the industrial revolution happened. Automatization and robotization is a big opportunity for us and the EU could become a leader in this field.

The digital revolution brings new challenges not only in the future of work or in facilitating government work, but also in cybersecurity where is significant risk of hacking attacks, improper work with sensitive data, or any other misuse of new technologies. Technological dependency and cyber security are becoming a very hot topic. Transatlantic cooperation will be focused in the coming years on the safe building of 5G global networks. All of this is related to broader geopolitical package of EU-US relationship, EU-Chinese relations and US-Chinese relations.

This event will be live-streamed on the European Liberal Forum Facebook page.

An event organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of IPPS

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