ELF Event

RDR – East and West for Liberal Values and Resilience

8-9 November 2021 | 08.30 – 14.00 (CET)  | Online event + Rooms Hotel Tbilisi


The East and West for Liberal Values and Resilience creates is a unique blended initiative to increase cooperation, coordination and ensure experience exchange between liberal organisations in Eastern and Western Europe aiming to increase resilience of liberals against propaganda and disinformation. The impact of propaganda and hybrid warfare is one of the most crucial issues in Europe today. During the COVID pandemics, we witnessed orchestrated attacks against the European way of life, European values and the values Liberals in Europe stand for. Very often malign foreign information campaigns tend to amplify existing anti‐liberal narrative by fueling radical ideas on both sides of the political spectrum.

An event organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of FNF South Caucasus and Europe-Georgia Institute.

Topic: State of Liberalism in Georgia 

Speakers include:

  • Khatuna Samnidze, Chairperson, Republican Party
  • Zurab Japaridze, Leader, Girchi – More Freedom Party 
  • Giorgi Vashadze, Chairperson, Strategy Aghmashenebeli Party
  • Badri Japaridze, Secretary-General, Lelo for Georgia Party
  • Henrik Bach Mortensen, Vice‐President, ALDE Party Party 

Moderated by Shamil Shugaev, Senior Project Coordinator, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom 

Topic: Russian Influences 

  • Miłosz Hodun, Board Member, Projekt: Polska 
  • Teona Akubardia, Member of Georgian Parliament, Security Committee (tbc) 
  • Anela Lemeš, Executive Director, Boris Divković Foundation 
  • Shamil Shugaev, Senior Project Coordinator, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom
  • Koppány Szarvas, Indítsuk Be Magyarországot, Momentum Movement 

Moderated by Tengiz Pkhaladze, Senior Fellow, European Centre for International Political Economy 

Topic: Narratives of anti‐liberal powers 

  • Giorgi Mshvenieradze, Leader, Democracy Fighters 
  • Giorgi Tabagari, Director, Tbilisi Pride 
  • Martin Ängeby, Secretary-General, Swedish International, Liberal Centre 
  • Nino Bakradze, Editor-in-chief, iFact 
  • Ralf Gion Fröhlich, President, LGBTI Liberals of Europe 
  • William Townsend, Secretary-General, Liberal International 

Moderated by George Melashvili, President, Europe Georgia Institute 

Topic: Change we can! – European perspective 

  • Mariam Ghibradze, Young European Ambassador, EU Neighbours East 
  • Nejra Vreto, Project Coordinator, Boris Divković Foundation 
  • Federico Sampalmieri, Project Assistant, Luigi Einaudi Foundation 
  • Alexandra Daam, Indítsuk Be Magyarországot, Momentum Movement 

Moderated by Shalva Chkheidze, Executive Director, Europe Georgia Institute 

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ELF Event

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