ELF Thinking Aloud At Freedom Games 2020

ELF Thinking Aloud is a special part of Freedom Games 2020 forum designated exclusively to a series of events under the banner of European Liberal Forum, in cooperation and with participation of several member organizations of the network.

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a planet-wide event of an unprecedented scale. This is why it is worth using these strange times to reflect and talk things over, in an attempt to set a new course for the “new normal” in a post-pandemic world.

Therefore, Freedom Games offer a unique opportunity to utilize the potential of an already recognized event in Poland to promote both liberal agenda and the activities of European Liberal Forum and its members. Presenting the online audiences with a package of events narrowly focused on several key topics is aimed at developing a platform for discussing issues vital in the age of the pandemics. The goal of this series is to, first and foremost, inspire and motivate.

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