Energising Europe: raising climate ambition and boosting energy solutions for growth


Date: 26-27 June 2020

Time: 15:00

Zoom Webinar

The world has become a better place. In fact, people are wealthier, healthier and well fed. We travel easier and feel more interconnected to each other. However, our improved standard came with a hefty price, causing a great damage to the earth and thus brought the climate change. As liberals, we are the foremost promoters of the globalized world. Therefore, it is of crucial importance that liberalism remains relevant in the debate regarding climate change by presenting ideas that demonstrate how our ideology can tackle it. Solutions and preventing climate change through liberal principles will be exactly the core of this project. The aim is to highlight how trade, a strong economy and an open progressive world are compatible with sustainabledevelopment. However, it is of equal importance to present and be aware of what challenges lie ahead of us.

An event organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of LYMEC.

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