EU ETS: Fighting Climate Change with the Market

At this seminar we are launching the new publication “fighting climate change with the market”. This book aims to present and evaluate the main accomplishments and failures of the EU ETS to date, and look at the main changes of the system post 2020 and the expected consequences of these changes, as well as its linkages to the Paris Agreement. Furthermore, the project has looked at at how national policy measures affects the EU ETS, as well as how the launch of the Chinese national ETS affects our European system. The EU ETS system has been struggling with problems which have been undermining its effectiveness, such as an oversupply of allowances, a weak price signal, and windfall profits. The revision of the EU ETS for the period 2021-2030 was adopted in early 2018, revisions that will hopefully improve the system. At this seminar we turn to the future, what happens beyond EU-ETS? Can systems across the world be linked together and what role will emission trading schemes play to reach the Paris Agreement?

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