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European Union Regulatory Quality Index: a new tool to measure EU’s quality of regulation

29 September 2021 | 10.00 – 12.30 (CEST)  | Zoom webinar


Well-designed regulations are the indispensable institutional tool for citizens, businesses and governments for the proper function of an economy and society. The concept of regulatory quality reflects a set of principles that focus on the way a country should promote structural reforms on its regulatory framework, to ensure robust, transparent, accountable and forward-looking processes, which favour the creation and growth of firms, productivity gains, competition, investment and trade.

The problem of low-quality regulation is not only a national one. EU regulations have caused, in previous years, problems similar to the ones that national regulations cause. Improvements in this area could help the EU as a whole to move into the future with a higher degree of integrity, dynamism, economic growth, social cohesion, and environmental progress.

The scope of the event is to present the Index and its first sampled results, explaining the way the Index can be a useful tool of process and policy-related issues in the European Parliament.

In terms of the format of the event, we envisage a brief introduction (10-12 minutes) to the structure and the sample results of the Index by the researchers, followed by a moderated discussion from the participants regarding its policy efficacy.

The event will be held in English without translation.

Speakers include:

  • Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director of the European Liberal Forum. (TBC)
  • Efi Stefopoulou, Research Associate at  Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM); Former Head of the Better Regulation Office of the General Secretariat of the Government; representative of Greece in the OECD’s committee for Good Governance and Better Regulation from 2006 to 2014.Moderated by Alexander Skouras, President at Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM).


An event organised by the European Liberal Forum (ELF) in cooperation with Center for Liberal Studies – Markos Dragoumis (KEFiM). Co-funded by the European Parliament. The views expressed herein are those of the speaker(s) alone. These views do not necessarily reflect those of the European Parliament and/or the European Liberal Forum.


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