Make a Good Message Better: Liberal Communicators Network: Non-Profit Edition

Summer Edition | 7 Sessions over 2 Weeks | 24 June to 11 July | ​Zoom

Autumn Edition | Book Club Session and SEO Workshop in September | ​Zoom

Autumn Edition | Social Media Workshop and Graduation in October| ​Zoom

APPLY Here by 14 June, 23.59 CEST

If you are passionate about non-profit communications, you are cordially invited to apply for the ‘Liberal Communicators Network (LCN): Non-Profit Edition’ of the European Liberal Forum (ELF) by 14 June.

The Academy ‘Make a Good Message Better’ offers online a series of big-picture inputs by high-level speakers in the summer (7 sessions over 2 weeks: 24 June- 11 July) and 2 specialized workshops and 2 sessions in the autumn (1 SEO workshop and Book Club Session in September; 1 Social Media Workshop and Graduation in October).

Do not miss the chance to learn from world class speakers such as the advertising guru; behavioural science thought leader; TED Global Speaker with more than seven million views; Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK; and best-selling author- Rory Sutherland.

Join the Non-Profit-Academy now and help us co-create the first professional pan-European community – the ‘Liberal Communicators Network’ (LCN) of ELF.  All successful alumni will become members of LCN. The top 3 alumni will be offered a spot in LCN Communication Masterclass, by ELF Secretariat. (November, Dates TBC).

This Academy will empower liberal communicators to adapt cutting-edge communication strategies, innovation, and marketing trends for the specific context of the mission-driven sector. By innovating non-profit communications, liberals will be better equipped to win hearts and minds, influence shifts in values and behaviour, and achieve societal change for a forward-looking Europe.


Apply Here by 14 June, 23.59 CEST (Brussels Time)

For more information, please check the Call for Application/Concept Paper  and the Draft Programme of Summer Edition.


  • Work fully or part-time on communications;
  • Work or volunteer in an ELF organization and FNF; partners of ELF and FNF; liberal civil society organizations and activists. The ideal combination per country: a representative of ELF member, FNF and local liberal organization.
  • Applicants cannot be candidates at elections (at any level of governance).
  • Completed Application Form.


  • Commitment to participation in all Academy events is of utmost importance.
  • Regardless of your current level of communications expertise, what will be prioritized is a dedication to learn on-the-job and grow professionally in the field of communications.
  • Previous work experience, professional/academic qualifications in communications are welcomed, but not required.
  • Teams with limited communications capacity and resources will be given special consideration.
  • Willingness to pay forward the gained knowledge in your organization;
  • Passionate to join and contribute to the development a pan-European community of non-profit communicators.
  • Preference for participants from Central, East and Southeast Europe.


Main Trainer & Moderator: Sven Gerst, PhD Student in Political Economy at King’s College London; Former Secretary General of IFLRY

Summer Edition: Check out the Detailed Draft Programme

  • 7 Sessions of 90 min over 2 Weeks from 24 June to 11 July
    • Tuesday & Thursday: 17.30 CEST (UTC+ 2)
    • Sunday: 15.00 CEST (UTC+ 2)
    • June: 24, 27, 29
    • July: 1, 6, 8, 11
  • High-Profile Web-Talks: Thought Leaders, Best-Selling Authors, Top Trainers
  • Brand Management, Strategy, Non-Profit Communications, Content Marketing
  • Networking; Mapping Expertise, Needs and Expectations; Collaboration in LCN
  • Welcome Packages with #comms best-sellers sent to participants at home

Confirmed Speaker: Rory Sutherland

Do not miss the chance to learn from the advertising legend; thought leader, and TED Global Speaker, whose talks have been viewed more than seven million times; Vice Chairman of Ogilvy UK; and best-selling author- Rory Sutherland. He studies the endless possibilities at the intersection of creativity, marketing, behavioural science, consumer behaviour, psychology. The author of ‘Alchemy: The Surprising Power Of Ideas That Don’t Make Sense’ and ‘Rory Sutherland: The Wiki Man’.  Follow him on twitter @rorysutherland. 

Autumn Edition: Dates TBC

  • Book Club Session with best-sellers, part of your Welcome Package (September)
  • Several-Session Workshop* over 1/2 days on SEO (September)
  • Several-Session Workshop* over 1/2 days on Social Media (October)
  • Graduation Session and Introduction to Liberal Communicators Network(October)


  • All alumni will be invited to join the Liberal Communicators Network of ELF.
  • Top 3 Participants will be offered a spot in LCN Communication Masterclass, by the ELF Secretariat. (November, Dates TBC).

The LCN-Non-Profit Academy is organised by the European Liberal Forum, with the support of Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom for East and Southeast Europe, and our partners LYMEC (European Liberal Youth) and Fundacja Projekt: Polska.

For more information, please check the Call for Application/Concept Paper and the Draft Programme of Summer Edition.

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