Liberalism and Gender Equality – Crafting New Policies

The seminar took place at the Marriott Auditorium Hotel and Conference Center, in the outskirts of Madrid and gathered 21 participants from 9 different countries. The focus of the seminar was to encourage liberal policies promoting gender equality, through a mix of sharing the experiences among the participants, as well as inspiring expert input and best-practices from a broad setup of speakers and panelists.
As the seminar took place during the ALDE Party Congress, it offered the participants good opportunities for networking with other liberals attending the congress and deepening their relationships within the European liberal family, as well as sharing the content of the seminar and discuss liberal gender equality policy with a wider audience.
The seminar met the overall objective of strengthening the capacity of liberal parties in working for gender equality. Evaluations show participants liked the event in general (4,45/5, n=20) and that they will follow up what they have learned by taking concrete actions when they came home (4,5/5, n=20). A common reaction from participants was that the content was unusually concrete, offering clear examples on what can be done. We interpret this feedback as a sign of that we have accomplished what we set out to achieve.

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