Project for Liberal Youth in the Western Balkans

Since February 2016 The European Liberal Forum in partnership with Centre Party International Foundation has initiated a regional program for young liberal politicians in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Serbia and Montenegro. The overall objective of this regional program is to enhance the political participation and influence of the 21 participants in their home countries. A total of three capacity building sessions annually, compose this so called “Regional Liberal Political Academy”. The generous contribution from ELF has enabled a key component of this academy, namely the third capacity building session in Brussels, exposing the participants to the nexus of political EU institutions, and for most of them, the first international political environment that is extremely relevant to current situations in their home countries. This project was therefore organized as a key capacity building and international networking component, that would further encourage young liberals to influence politics  in their home countries, within and beyond the seven political parties represented in the program (Nasa Stranka (BiH), Hrvatska Narodna Stranka (Croatia), Istarski Demokratski Sabor (Croatia), Liberalna Partija Crne Gore (Montenegro), Liberalna Demokratska Partija (Serbia), Nova Stranka (Serbia) Liberalno-Demokratska Partija (Macedonia), Alternativa (Kosovo).

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