Skill Camp 2021

10-12 September 2021 | ​Ljubljana, Slovenia


We live in an environment in which more and more extremist minds are taking over the debate on political issues that are challenging our societies. They use a certain vocabulary that speaks to a majority of the population, a simple vocabulary that everyone can understand.

We, as liberals, have good solutions to the complex challenges we are facing but we have trouble communicating them to the outside world, as they are as complex as the problem itself. In order to do so, we need to review the basics of Liberalism and to know how to sell a Liberal way of life to our fellow European citizens. We need to adapt our know-how, making our ideas more appealing to the majority of the population we are trying to reach. It is important that Liberals get the skills to dominate the debate against the populists and to promote our liberal ideas.

This project is led in cooperation with NOVUM Institute, Academy of Liberalism and Stichting IDI.

Speakers include:

  • Dr. Šárka Prát, Board Member, ELF (Videospeech)
  • Marina Sedlo, LYMEC Bureau
  • Sebastjan Pikl, Project Director, NOVUM
  • Sven Gerst, Former Secretary-General, IFLRY and PhD, King’s College
  • Gosse Vuijk, Trainer, Stichting IDI




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