Smart cities and communities – a step towards more balanced and sustainable EU regional development?

A workshop “Smart solutions for regional development: the case of “Bike-Sharing” and a round table “Smart cities and communities – stepping stones towards smart regional development and a future foundation for better quality of living in the” were held on 29th of November in Poligon, Ljubljana, Slovenia, jointly organised by European liberal forum (ELF), Zavod 14, Friedrich- Naumann-Stiftung für die Freiheit and Institute Novum.

The event was focused on a very topical issue, smart cities and communities and their close relations to the EU Regional policy. In nowadays digitized world smart solutions, based on new technologies and inter-connectivity, are the next logical stepping stones and platform which will drive the regional development. Although population growth and urbanization in EU are currently not a serious issue, certain regions and cities are becoming more aware of smart solutions and how they can economically, environmentally and socially improve QoL (quality of living) of population and consequently diminish regional disparities on both EU and national level.

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