Workers during the pandemic: the internal migration in the European Union and the liberal answer


Immigration into the European Union has undoubtedly become a major political issue in recent years. A new development since 2015 was the migration issue as a central political campaign topic in old and new member states. However, while immigration into the European Union is widely discussed, internal migration within the EU is a neglected issue in pan-European debates. Eastern countries suffer from brain-drain, and the western countries couldn’t handle the consequences of the internal migration. This was arguably one of the main reasons why the United Kingdom left the European Union earlier this year. As a consequence, the tendencies of internal migration will change in the upcoming years. What can we learn from the past decade? How could we manage the internal migration in the continent? Should the regulation be stricter or more liberal? How will Brexit effect the labour market? From the labour market, education, to research and welfare benefits, the aim of the conference is to understand the tensions in new and old member states caused by the free movement of workers.

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