Academy of Liberalism

The Academy of Liberalism is an independent Liberal think tank founded by the members of the Estonian Reform Party in 2006.

It has a 12-person board, including former Ministers, Members of the Parliament and entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the Academy is to promote a Liberal worldview to oppose socialist and anti-liberal ideas in the society.

The Academy of Liberalism is focused on civic education and research projects to promote Liberalism in Estonia and the EU neighbour countries.

The Academy of Liberalism is active across the fields of think-tank work. Among those activities that we pursue are: translations of acknowledged works into Estonian (Editors, Claudia Aebersold Szalay, Gerd Habermann & Gerhard Schwarz, Vabaduse raamat. 111 teost liberaalsest vaimuloost) and publishing books in Estonian (A. Ansip, Pühendumus) and publications on topical issues.

In 2017, one of the liberal landmark books Milton Friedman “Capitalism and freedom” was re-published,which defined aims for market reforms in Estonia 23 years ago.


A sophisticated training programme:

  • The Youth Academy
  • Academy of Liberal Future: seminars for young Liberal political leaders aged 20 to 30
  • The Day of Liberalism
  • Liberal of the Year Award
  • Think tank in Estonia for Russians
  • Round tables, conferences, training series on Liberalism: Topics range from liberal economics,
  • government spending and economic growth, state intervention in the economic crisis, etc.


Cooperation: various joint projects with other think tanks (Institute of Free Market Lithuania, Institute for Market Economics – IME, Friedrich Naumann Foundation for etc.)


Address: Tõnismägi 9, 10119 Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 51 83 79 3