For Freedom, for Liberal Thinking Foundation

The “For Freedom” Foundation was brought to life on 23 January 2012 with the primary goal of promoting and facilitating the dissemination of liberal thinking in Hungary. Its main objective is to strengthen liberal values, so that the fundamental human rights and liberties can become part of the everyday life of all members of society. In the course of its activity, the foundation fights against segregation and for the strengthening of an open, tolerant and receptive society. The foundation gives special attention to minorities, including primarily the problems of the Roma society and its goal is to facilitate equal opportunities for disadvantaged groups. The foundation is committed to the cause environment protection. It seeks to reinforce the right to the pursuit of individual happiness. It cooperates with and supports every organisation whose objectives correspond to its own. In order to reach its goals, the foundation makes full use of publicity and the means of the media.

The foundation carries out the following activities:

  • educational programmes, trainings and lectures;
  • exhibitions and cultural events;
  •  publications;
  •  scholarships for organisations and individuals;
  •  promotional campaigns in public areas;
  •  awarding individual support or grants.



Adress: Hercegprímás utca 18
1051 Budapest
Phone: +36 30 35 00 475