Corruptissima re publica, plurimae leges

Year: 2021

Editors: Federico Sampalmieri and Gian Marco Bovenzi, Fondazione Luigi Einaudi

ISBN: 978-2-39067-017-9

“Money, it’s a crime. Share it fairly but don’t take a slice of my pie”, wrote Pink Floyd in their masterpiece The Dark Side of the Moon’s song Money.
Syllogistically speaking, money does not always represent corruption and, likewise, corruption is not necessarily practised through the (mis)use of money. But ordinarily, corruption and money do go along pretty well together – especially when speaking about slices of pies.

This book represents a journey through the current situation of corruption in different countries belonging to four different European macro-areas: the Mediterranean and Western Europe, Central Europe, Northern Europe, and Eastern Europe. The aim of the publication is to provide a comparative study analysing how corruption is rooted in the examined countries, highlighting the governments’ different approaches in tackling the phenomenon, and finally to sum up the findings of the study underlining some potentially efficient policy recommendations under a liberal perspective.

Corruptissima re publica, plurimae leges