Authors: Antoaneta Asenova, Skirmantas Baikauskas, Anouk van Brug, Hunor Deak, Benjamin Fievet, Rowan Fitton, Andre Gruber, Soni Harizanov, Lucas Honoré, Arthur Kharytonov, Mijat Kontic, Ashmita Krishna, Roman Leuta, Christoph Liesen, Lukas Lunøe, Teresė Škutaitė, Olha Tsurkan and Gerrit von Zedlitz

Editors: Chris Giapitzis-Papandreou, Danica Vihinen

Supported by LYMEC

Year: 2018

This publication is a compilation of essays written by the participants in the European Liberal Forum seminar “Exploring European Electoral Systems” organised by LYMEC in Zagreb, Croatia in February 2018. At the time of writing the essays the decision not to introduce transnational lists had not yet been taken, which explains why some of the authors refers to the possibility of introducing them already in 2019.

The authors are members of LYMEC member organisations and individual members, young liberals from across Europe.

The idea behind this publication is to show that young liberals do not only have the wish for a more European electoral debate ahead of the European Parliament elections and not only support the transnational lists as an idea, but that they have thought the topic through and have concrete visions for how it could be implemented.