Who are the participants of #Transatlantic Lab?

In a time of transatlantic crisis, #Transatlantic Lab – The Policy Network aims to work on mutual understanding and to find common policy solutions to global challenges. That is why we bring together European staffers and US staffers to work on joint solutions and the future of transatlantic policy.

Meet the 2019 participants of #Transatlantic Lab – The Policy Network!

From top-left to bottom-right, here is a list of the 2019 participants.
  • Taruanne Lindevall-Vanhala, Finnish citizen, is the EU Liaison Officer for the European Commission of the Finnish Prime Minister’s Office (Finland).
  • Suleyman Aslami, nominated by D66 International, works as a Policy Officer for the Dutch Liberal Paty D66 in the House of Representative. He is a Dutch citizen.
  • Ilka Schantz, nominated by the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, is the Head of the Global Department for Freedom and Human Rights for the German Free Democratic Party. She is a German citizen.
  • Armin Hübner, nominated by NEOS Lab, works as the Political Director at Austrian Liberal Party NEOS. He is an Austrian citizen.
  • Peteris Vinkelis, a Latvian citizen, works as an Advisor to Ivars Ijabs MEP and Head of the Europea Policy Group for the Latvia Movement For! Latvia.
  • Svend Elberg Thomsen serves as a political consultant to the Danish Social Liberal Party.  He is a Danish citizen.
  • Elena Gozun is an affiliated expert at Europuls – Centre for European Expertise Romania. She is a Romanian citizen.
  • Andreas Elfving was nominated by Svenska Bildningsförbundet. He is the Head of Policy for the Swedish People’s Party of Finland. He comes from Finland.
  • Anna Kläppe, a Swedish national, is a Political Advisor and Deputy Negotiation for the Prime Minister’s Officer at the Swedish Liberal party Centre Party. She was nominated by CPIF.

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