The European Liberal Forum is honoured to present the Liberal Awards Ceremony 2021, one of our newest projects promoting and celebrating European Liberal figures. 

As the official political foundation and think tank of the ALDE Party, ELF strives to promote liberal values and their proponents in Europe. This is an opportunity for us all to look back and celebrate the liberal successes of the past year. The Ceremony will take place in November 2021. 


About the Awards 


The Liberal Awards are designed to celebrate the successes of the broader Liberal family while also putting the spotlight on outstanding individuals from all across Europe.  


 For the 2021, the Liberal Award categories are the following: 


  1. Rising star: Who has caught your eye on the liberal scene this year as a newcomer? Who is making waves with their energy and dedication?
  2. Values champion: Who has put liberal values at the core of everything they do and fought the battles for rule of law, fundamental rights and equal opportunities?
  3. Best speech: Who has delivered a particularly rousing speech, persuasive, passionate and punchy? This could be in the European Parliament, a national or local parliament or a Congress, provided it was a public setting.
  4. Outstanding changemaker: Who has strived tirelessly to change the status quo on one or several key issues? 
  5. Political disruptor: Who has been brave enough to shake up the liberal world with disruptive ideas or approaches?


Nomination phase 


To find and promote the best liberals in Europe, we are reaching out to ELF’s member organisations, ALDE member parties, foundations, and think tanks with this call for nominations for the 5 distinct categories above. To be eligible for an award, nominees must be a natural person residing in Europe (Council of Europe Member States). 


Selection phase 


The Jury, composed of 7 members from the European Parliament, national parliaments and prominent European liberal figures, will assess every nomination and select a shortlist of 3 nominees for each category. The winner will be announced during the Awards Ceremony in Brussels in November.  


We look forward to receiving many proposals and celebrating the best of liberalism together!