Year: 2021

Editors: Dr. Antonios Nestoras, Francesco Cappelletti, Dr. Maria Alesina, Vincent Delhomme, Carmen Descamps

The European Liberal Forum presents you the Liberal White Book 2030, a visionary publication that lays down the road to a free, fair and strong Europe. Over 200 experts in European politics, academics, and civil society representatives worked together to create a point of reference for policymakers.

After the successful launch of the Liberal White Book: Europe 2030 with Renew Europe MEPs Hilde Vautmans, Guy Verhofstadt and ELF Executive Director Daniel Kaddik, it is now time to take action. As liberals, we want to have democratic answers to all the complex problems of today and make our voices heard in the Conference on the Future of Europe. Now is the time to use the Liberal White Book 2030 and debate, organise your community, create discussions, take ideas.

Here is our calendar of events linked to the Conference on the Future of Europe (will be updated continuously):

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About the Liberal White Book: Europe 2030

The world is changing faster than ever. The choices we make today will define what the EU looks like ten years down the road. The Liberal White Book: Europe 2030 highlights the challenges that the EU faces and presents a range of policy options in the form of future scenarios: will the EU muddle through the next decade or will it change fundamentally to own its future? This publication is a point of reference for liberal policymakers who want to shape Europe’s future.


The role of ELF

The European Liberal Forum hosted a series of expert discussions with over 200 participants dedicated to the most pressing issues of the future, on the road to a Europe that is freer, fairer and more liberal. In this participatory process, contemporary issues were addressed in collaboration with ELF’s member organisations, who provide valuable insight from the national level.

The European Liberal Forum was the custodian putting together each chapter of the Liberal White Book with the highest involvement of stakeholders from European and national politics, academia, policy-making and civil society. We drew together these conclusions into a Liberal White Book Europe for 2030.

Liberal White Book has 8 chapters:

  • Future Institutional Framework
  • Sustainability and Climate Change
  • Democracy and Rule of Law
  • Internal Market & Trade
  • Digitalisation, Connectivity and e-Commerce
  • Foreign and Security Policy
  • A Liberal Roadmap for a Resilient and Prosperous “European Monetary Union 3.0”
  • Social Policy

This publication will help decision-makers to shape liberal discussions about the future.