Bertil Ohlin Institutet

The Bertil Ohlin Institutet is a foundation founded in 1993 and named after Bertil Ohlin. Ohlin led the Liberal Party of Sweden (Folkpartiet) between 1944 and 1967. In 1977, Bertil Ohlin was awarded the Nobel Prize in economics, in recognition of his academic achievements. The Institute maintains close contact with high quality university departments, with four out of nine seats on our board reserved for scholars from relevant fields, mainly the social sciences.

The purpose of the institute is to initiate research and debate on important social and political issues. It regularly organise lectures, debates and conferences open to the public. The Bertil Ohlin Institutet also commission research reports and other publications. Most of our activities are in Swedish, but some of the papers are written in English. They can be found or ordered on our website.

Although the Institute’s founders are affiliated with the Liberal Party of Sweden we operate independently of political parties and interest groups, organisationally as well as financially. Our activities are mainly financed through grants from Liberal foundations.


Address: c/o Digital Ekonomi
Box 6188
102 33 Stockholm


Phone: +46 75 80 66 96