Forum for Latvia’s Future

FLF was founded as a non-governmental non-profit organization in March 2012 in Riga. The foundation was created by a group of high-ranking liberals, well-known politicians and entrepreneurs, in order to promote liberalism and bring together experts and young leaders to promote public policy solutions for Latvia based on free market, free society, European values, and the rule of law. The other very important aim of FLF is to support and assist its mother party Latvijas Attīstībai in its effort to advocate for the values of liberalism in Latvian society.

The aim of the foundation “Forum for Latvia’s Future,” previously known as the foundation “For Latvia’s Development,” is to create a wide, authoritative, classical liberalism platform for ideas and discussions to develop proposals for purposeful, sustainable, and dynamic Latvian development.

The beginning of 2017 was marked by an essay competition on open society. It was our first experience in organizing open call competitions for all interested parties. The first place was given to an analytical work on participatory budgeting, a topic that we will focus more on this year. Another innovation that we carried out in 2017 – free public excursions through Riga called  “Freethinkers’ Riga“. Walking through the city center and discussing the history of our society with the help of a professional guide we tried to highlight the fact that many topics and ideas that are now trying to be portrayed as foreign to us in fact had been already discussed by our forefathers. The aim of excursion is both to raise awareness of the history of Liberal thought in Latvia and strengthen our own brand and recognition. Excursions were really successful and we plan to continue organizing them in Spring 2018.



Address: Blaumana 5a-31, 1011 Riga, Latvia

Contact person: Jelena Jesajana