Liberal Institute for Political Analyses (LIPA)

LIPA is a Bulgarian non-governmental organisation, a think tank, with the non-profit purposes of promoting the expansion of liberal democracy and active civil society in Bulgaria, supporting the proper integration of Bulgaria within the EU, contributing to EU cohesion and strengthening European citizenship and identity on the merits of freedom, personal responsibility and the rule of law.

Our mission:

  • To demonstrate how the change in our mentality results in a change of our lives
  • To support the development of conditions for a civilised dialogue in society
  • To contribute to tolerance and continuity in politics
  • To show the priority of classical liberalism over leftism, populism and extremism
  • To encourage political parties in Bulgaria to embrace the values of classical liberalism

We debate and analyse current socio-political issues and propose alternatives for the development of a society of free and responsible individuals.

We organise public forums and publish political, economic and social studies defending personal freedom and the rule of law.

We provide training on:

  • Leadership and public communication for young politicians and leaders of tomorrow
  • Rights and responsibilities of European citizens
  • Working with EU institutions and non-governmental organisations
  • Election campaigns, internal party development and communication
  • Local government and modern local self-governance


Address: Vrabtcha Str. 23, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

Phone: + 359 29 21 82 10