Liberal Integration Foundation

The Liberal Integration Foundation was established in 2003. LIF is a political foundation of Movement for Rights and Freedoms Party (MRF), which embellishes Bulgarian ethnic model, being a successful development of multi-ethnic policy in Bulgaria, resulting in tolerant, peaceful co-operation of different ethnic and religious communities. It can give best examples of functioning of this model, which is characterized by stability, equality and common responsibility and contribute to the Liberal values as equality and human rights. We will present the development of the multiethnic policy in the context of the Bulgarian society transformation to democracy and reveal its positive effects on creating favourable conditions for preserving stability in the Balkans.

Representing Bulgarian ethnic model we can faithfully participate and contribute to common European discussion on integration of minority groups and migrants with different cultural and religion background.

The main objectives of the Foundation are:

–         Dissemination and consolidation of the basic values of modern liberalism, such as freedom, responsibility, tolerance, social justice and equality in the possibilities for realization.

–        Assisting minority integration, ethnic minorities including, with the liberal values and ideas of modern society.

–          Increasing the awareness and education level of the citizens and the public with respect to the ides and values of modern liberalism.

–          Assisting the development of ethnic relationships and tolerance based on modern liberal values.

–        Consolidation of the public mechanisms for accomplishment of modern liberal values and liberal integration of minority communities.

Working directly with Bulgarian citizens, as well as partnering with European organizations and EU Neighborhood countries, we will contribute to raise their awareness of Liberal values, with view to building an open, Liberal Europe.

We will further work on projects advocating liberal solutions to today’s societal challenges and important political issues nowadays through exchange of views with other Members of the European Liberal Forum, organizing conferences, discussions, political consultations, round tables, diverse events, publishing positions and papers, etc.


Adress: 45A, Al. Stamboliyski Blvd.
1301 Sofia
: +359 2 811 44 33