Movimento Liberal Social

MLS, which was officially founded in 2005, aims at promoting social-liberalism in Portugal. The movement is a platform for individuals who believe that the old left-right dogma makes little sense today and that it is possible to secure a different and more constructive type of politics in Portugal.

In summary, MLS stands for:

  • The sovereignty of the individual: the inalienable right to live one’s life and to seek happiness;
  • A fairer society, based on merit, where everyone can freely exercise their talents and develop their potential, free from any control or pressure, in an environment of solidarity and respect between individuals;
  • Equality before the law, always with respect for the right to differ;
  • A state that focuses on the essential things, but ensures (in a sustainable way and following the subsidiary principle) the defence of the individual and of society, private property, justice, the existence of basic healthcare and social security services, high quality education and the protection of cultural and environmental heritage;
  • Market economy, but always with state control as a corrective mechanism to counter the inevitable disequilibria.



Adress:Rua Ramalho Ortigão, 31, Cave Direita
1070-228 Lisboa
Phone: +351 93 4240 400