Liberal Europe Podcast – Episode 38 – Wojciech Przybylski & Quincy Cloet

In this episode of the Liberal Europe Podcast, Ricardo Silvestre (Movimento Liberal Social) talks with Wojciech Przybylski and Quincy Cloet. Wojciech is the Editor-in-Chief, and Quincy the Managing Editor, of Visegrad/Insight part of the Res Publica Foundation. They talk about the upcoming Polish elections and its importance for the future of that country.

This podcast is produced by the European Liberal Forum in collaboration with the Movimento Liberal Social with the financial support of the European Parliament. Neither the European Parliament nor the European Liberal Forum are responsible for the content or for any use that be made of it.

The European Liberal Forum and Visegrad/Insight have a collaboration in the form of their a joint online discussions called Visegrad/Insight Breakfast. Stay tuned for more events and get all the information on the ELF website here.

Wojciech Przybylski sent us a synopsis of some of the articles published on the website of Visegrad/Insight on the topic of the Polish elections, that you can find here.

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