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Will we be better off in four years than we are today? A modern country that wishes to be prosperous in the 21st century needs to successfully embrace the digital revolution. In Central Europe,  this is not possible without substantial help from the state. Digital Czech Republic is the first strategic priority of the future new government, which will face major challenges especially in the field of eGovernment services to citizens and entrepreneurs. The new government will, however, also play a key role in the digital transformation of the economy and everyday life in the next four years. On one hand, the state must lead by example and fulfill its own long-neglected tasks in the field of eGovernment. On the other hand, it also has to start actively removing barriers and creating favourable conditions for the private sector.

The aim of the Digital Czech Republic policy program and the third annual international conference is primarily to thoroughly debate the specific steps in the major and emerging areas of digitalization. In cooperation with conference participants and other experts, we formulated 22 achievable targets whose fulfilment would actually advance the digitalization of our country. We believe that when we meet at the end of the current election period in early 2022, the concept of digital Czech Republic will already have become a reality.

A necessary condition for success is the active involvement of the Czech Republic at the EU level because the problems of the digital economy need to be solved mainly on the global level. Three specific targets focused on the national level are being further set for each of the five panels. Foremost is the development of eGovernment which represents a major task for the Czech Republic. Healthcare and finance are examples of highly regulated sectors that are undergoing a radical transformation under the influence of modern technologies and in which significant advancement can be achieved. Education and Internet access are very important areas that represent vital prerequisites to digitalization. However, the state has not yet granted them the attention they deserve.

We believe that these 22 targets will inspire discussion in both the public and the private sector. We will facilitate their implementation, and promote debate in these and other areas towards building the digital Czech Republic.

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