Ageing in Europe: Online launch webinar

10 March 2021 | 11h00 – 12h15 (CET)  | ​Zoom webinar


Ageing is a highly individual process, but in the public, we tend to conceive older Europeans as one collective group. Our book From North to South: Ageing in Europe compiles EU-27 data on ageing and presents three case studies on how ageing and how the ageing population is viewed in Finland, Austria and Italy.

In this debate, speakers will discuss the question: “What can we learn from each other?”

Speakers include:
Dr. Anna K. Forsman (FI), head author of From North to South: Ageing in Europe
Mr. Michael Fuchs (AT), co-author
Mr. GianMarco Bovenzi (IT), co-author
MEP Dragos Pislaru (RO), Renew Europe Group, policy maker
MP Barbro Westerholm (SE), AGE Platform
Moderated by Ted Urho (FI), SBF

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