Book launch: Private sector investments in infrastructure – PPP and other solutions


Experience shows that investments in transport infrastructure often do not end up as planned. Costs are often underestimated and projects are delayed. One possible way to reduce the problems is to involve the private sector more. This can be done with Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) and other forms of contracts for designing, building, financing and managing an asset.

Under the right circumstances, the forces of incentives and competition in the private sector can be used to decrease costs for construction and maintenance, shorten construction times, and produce assets that are as useful as possible. Those solutions are far from finding their definitive form, with a lot of experimenting around Europe.

This new book from European Liberal Forum in cooperation with Fores and Studiecentrum Albert Maertens summarises the research in the field and describes examples from Belgium and the Scandinavian countries, with relevant conclusions for decision-makers.

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