Book Launch – Values first? Promoting EU norms through trade!


Young liberal authors gathered in March 2020 in Luxembourg to discuss their essays on the topic of international trade and condense them into a publication giving recommendations to decision-makers on the way forward in the field of trade. The publications will be distributed and communicated to European decision-makers including the liberal Members of the European Parliament from the relevant committees.

Bringing together experts, MEPs and the authors, this event aims at discussion the main issues around trade and values. It is also opening the path towards channelling the proposals and recommendations directly into the decision-making process.

Time: 19:00-20:30 (CEST)

Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, European Liberal Forum
Antoaneta Asenova, President, LYMEC

Speakers include:
Svenja Hahn, MEP, Renew Europe Group
Samira Rafaela, MEP, Renew Europe Group
Sophia Bengtsson, Vice-President of the Trade committee, Liberal International
Ciprian Constantinescu, Author, USR Tineret
Toine Schouteten, Author, IMS
Ruslana Bolkun, Author, European Youth of Ukraine

Lauren Mason, Project Manager, European Liberal Forum
Ines Holzegger, Outreach and Cooperation Officer, LYMEC
Ida-Maria Skytte, Communications Officer, LYMEC
Barra Ó Crualaoich, Author, IMS and Christopher Jefferies, Author, IMS

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