COVID-19 pandemic and public organizations: challenges and opportunities


In the first half of 2020 – during the first wave of the pandemic – public sector organizations had to resort to various interventions and tactics and introduce new/different communication channels in order to continue to effectively play their roles in relation to service users/parties, as well as to efficiently organize civil servants’ tasks. Some of these approaches immediately proved to be a value added also for the future, while others continue to cause problems when searching for a balance between protection of legally defined public interest and exercising private rights.

The international event will bring together speakers – researchers and other interested stakeholders in respect of the main policy and organizational challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic faced by the heads of public sector organizations, public servants, service users/parties, and all other stakeholders of public sector organizations, e.g. other institutions involved in specific administrative procedures. The experiences of the first wave of the pandemic can help us understand the most salient drivers and barriers for classically and remotely run activities, in order to formulate the recommendations for agile operations of public sector organizations and adequate policy responses.

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