Cybersecurity, blockchain and big data capacity-building seminar

Cyber-threats may have devastating consequences, and the challenges related to cyber-security, privacy have never been more important for the EU as services incrementally are digitised. Therefore, the proposed project will focus on capacity building and knowledge dissemination targeting individual members of LYMEC (IMS) regarding topics of cyber-security, big data, and blockchain.

We will discuss potential issues of cyber-security for the European Union and individuals, challenges of big data and opportunities of blockchain technology as a way to transform government operations, make public services and governmental structures more transparent and secure while building trust in them. The project also focuses on capacity building and aim to equip participants with the needed practical skills enabling them to keep their data and privacy secure. As a youth organisation we want to provide capacity building possibilities for young liberals and train the next generation of liberal leaders.


An event organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of LYMEC.

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