Dance performance: “Still Stand”

“Still Stand” is a contemporary performance where the artists show social and ethical implications of digitalisation and make us think about our own reality.
The artist focus on human values freedom, equality, fraternity and unity.
This values seem to be integrated into our bodies. But as soon as we talk about them we tend to think about possible restrictions and danger. And we unite in fear.
How to overcome this fear that could limit our freedom and development?
Can we even imagine future without fear?
What to imagine, when our own existence seems to be at stake?
Is the development of artificial intelligence yet another playground for massive manipulation?
And will our digital extensions have the need to be free and to live in harmony?
We don’t know.
But we can imagine. And if we can imagine and predict, let’s be optimistic, and achieve progress with awareness.
And let this new era, the era of digitalisation brings new meanings and understanding of values that put us on the top of existence.
The event is a mixture of dance, performance and video art.

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