Digital Czech Republic 2019

The fourth annual conference Digital Czech Republic will be held on 7 February 2019 in Černínský palác, Prague. The largest and most important event on digital policy in CEE is organized by the Institute for Politics and Society and its partners. The ongoing digital revolution in the economy and society represents a huge
opportunity for Europe and especially for the small and medium-sized EU member states. The breakthrough technology transforms the structure of the economy and opens opportunities for the emergence and growth of new businesses in all areas of the economy. At the same time, we are facing new and fundamental challenges in the area of politics, regulation and the whole of society. We cannot face such things ourselves, but only as a common Europe.

During the Keynote speech of the Digital Czech Republic 2019 Conference, Vera Jourova- European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Equality of Women and Men emphasized on the topic of Internet. This topic creates more and more preoccupations, not only for politicians but also for ordinary people. That is why, it is essential to collaborate closely with the IT sector. Moreover, it is necessary to have respect and dignity for every human being and that people do not suffer from
technological xenophobia. The main issue is not some internet regulations, but more the place of technology in our lives. We are moving somewhere in between, and we deal with risks that exist and they will continue to exist in the future. Europe must also consider the imbalances, the strength of multinational corporations, and the inability of European smaller companies to compete. In Europe, the GDPR was adopted, since privacy, as a human right, is a fundamental value of Europe. On the other hand, money is also a data because we buy and transmit digital data to digital content. The main goal is to give people control by giving to them the ability to have more information about the recipients of their data and to offer them the possibility to request their data back. Today, Europe wants to promote the development of artificial intelligence, however, by doing that, it will be necessary to follow its own European values. In addition to investing, it is also necessary to increase data volumes, create centers and conditions for keeping talents and give people an opportunity to work in this area. The goal is also to gradually adapt the legislation to create a European model for digital intelligence. This model includes the fact that the priority will be privacy and security. Cooperation with Japan as a member of the G20 is also essential. It is also key to analyze foreign investments and to ensure that the market is not dominated by one big giant.

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