ELF Expert Forum: Harnessing Globalization – Mobility and infrastructure

The event was organised by the European Liberal Forum with the support of NEOS Lab and ALDE Party. This event is part of a series of Expert Forums organised around Europe on topical matters and challenges facing the European Union, and wsd conducted as the ALDE Party considers its manifesto for the 2019 elections to the European Parliament. This forum was particularly focused on mobility and infrastructure – currently shaped by trends in Digitalisation, Automatisation and Decarbobisation. Three important pillars – namely, cross-border infrastructure, cross-border mobility and digitalization of transport will be covered in our expert forum.

The moderator, Manfred Mühlberger (Managing director and owner, ETA environmental consulting) opened the event noting the European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc has called 2018 the most important year for infrastructure, and stated its importance since it can effectively contribute to meeting climate goals, ensuring safety of EU transport system and economy in EU benefits. In their introductory remarks, Josef Lentsch (Member of the ELF Board) and Angelika Mlinar MEP (ALDE Party Vice-President) offered an overview of the ALDE Manifesto Drafting Process and of the status of the Expert Forums.

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