EU Mentorship: Political Mentorship in the Area of EU Integration Process in the Western Balkans

Although we have all invested a lot of our resources into educating liberal activists to inspire them to get into politics and thus make some changes in the society, we have found that there is a lack of provided support and first-hand experience in the EU integration processes, essential for achieving these goals as long-term ones.

Therefore, closely aligned with the ALDE Party project priorities such as story telling and messaging from our EU partners, we have decided to start EU integrations Mentorship Programme, which will prepare and inspire our liberal activists into getting ready for the EU processes and making necessary changes in the countries which they are representing. The idea is to form connection between active party members, who are interested in EU integrations processes or working directly in these areas, with mentors coming from EU member countries and liberal political parties which have very good practices in several chosen areas of interests of this project so that they can share their first-hand experience.

These mentorships will be mutually beneficial, the apprentices will learn about EU integration processes, and the mentors will help strengthen the capacity of the liberal parties in Western Balkan countries.

The political activists participating in this programme will:

  • Gain first-hand knowledge about EU integration processes and solutions to the problems in several areas such as: environment, education, EU funds etc.
  • Become inspired into making additional efforts in developing EU integration processes
  • Hopefully, form a strong bond with their mentor and liberal parties in the Europe.

The first training in this program is designed to do the deep analyses of Rule of law, EU Integrations criteria and liberal party stands in the EU integration process.

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