EU mentorship program: political mentorship in the area of EU integration process in the Western Balkans

Although we have all invested a lot of our resources into educating liberal activists to inspire them to get into politics and thus make some changes in the society, we have found that there is a lack of provided support and first-hand experience in the EU integration processes, essential for achieving these goals as long-term ones.
Therefore, closely aligned with the ALDE Party project priorities such as story telling and messaging from our EU partners, we have decided to start EU integrations Mentorship Programme, which will prepare and inspire our liberal activists into getting ready for the EU processes and making necessary changes in the countries which they are representing. The idea is to form connection between active party members, who are interested in EU integrations processes or working directly in these areas, with mentors coming from EU member countries and liberal political parties which have very good practices in several chosen areas of interests of this project so that they can share their first-hand experience.

IDI Stichting and Boris Divkovic Foundation organised first training of the EU mentorship program as a strategic session. The representatives of D66 (Robert Farla and Martine van Schoor) visited Nasa stranka and Boris Divkovic Foundation in order to discuss the program content and the way of organising activities to be useful for non-EU member states coming from Western Balkan. During the event, we came to the conclusion that, due to the EU elections, the first sessions should be postponed for the first or second weekend after the elections. The first training will be organised with the support of two EU supervisors, and several experts who are coming from different areas, which can be related to different EU policies and EU integration processes. The second training will be organised most probably in September, and the suggestion is to organise to-three days visit to Brussels and several EU organisations related to EU integration process for Western Balkan.

The second part of the session was practical workshop about ideological positioning of political party. The training participants were able to discuss the ideological background of both parties, D66 and Nasa stranka, and found some similarities in party developing. Theoretical part of the event in Ideological Positioning had a lot of practical tips and experience from D66 that we can use. When it comes to the workshop it was useful in a sense that we are now able to hold same workshop with our members.


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