Expert Forum: Harnessing Globalization – Realistic Solutions to Achieve Climate Goals

In his welcome speech, Mattias Goldmann (CEO, Fores) affirmed that in the realm of climate change and environmental issues, we face a huge communication problem. Indeed, climate change is very poorly communicated: usually, its communication focuses on numbers that people cannot really understand. To many people, numbers do not mean anything. He affirmed that there is an incumbent need of reframing the climate change discourse to make science understandable as well as to communicate what science means in practical terms. He also stated that the best way to talk about climate change or other environmental issues is not to talk about climate change itself – rather, to talk about those day-to-day elements that have knock on effects.

Taavi Roivas affirmed that the only successful format for fighting climate change is the EU and International ones. Since the EU has already achieved remarkably results, it is now time to talk about what the EU should do in the next decades. He stated that, with the change in the US administration, the EU must be even more focused on the climate-related issues and that this policy is very important within the ALDE Family as well as for the Manifesto Committee. He highlighted the importance of listening experts for putting together a good Manifesto as well as the relevance of small and simple ideas for small and simple changes that can, however, make a big difference. He stressed that climate change should be addressed in an enjoyable and daily matter.

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