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Free Voices: LGBT+ Rights in Eastern Europe

12-14 August 2021 | Cracow, Poland


Year 2021: It’s been 30 years since the democratic revolution in Eastern Europe. 1991 was full of symbolic events in the region. Eastern Europe went on a path of economic growth and institutional reforms. It was rewarded over one decade later with EU membership. But there is a field where not much progress has been made – LGBTQ rights. Eastern Europe has for all these years been in the spotlight because of the policies targeting LGBTQ. Experts highlight Europe’s continuing East-West divide over their rights.

The “Free Voices. Workshop” will focus on LGBTQ rights in Europe, especially Eastern Europe. In the first step, participants will learn how regional right-wing populists targeted LGBTQ rights, and how threatening rhetoric was used to divide societies and win elections. In the second step, participants will reflect and plan what can be done to prevent similar attacks in the future and safeguard minority rights.

Speakers include:

  • Milosz Hodun, Second Vice-President, European Liberal Forum
  • Michal Tecza, Projekt: Polska
  • Paweł Ciacek, Co-Founder, Projekt: Polska
  • Monika Rosa MP, Nowoczesna
  • Pawel Rabiej, former Deputy Mayor of Warsaw
  • Nina Gabryś, Kraków City’s Spokesperson on Equality
  • Yuri Guaiana, LGBTI Liberals for Europe
  • Miko Czerwiński, Queerowy Maj


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