Hate Speech at the Service of Politics

Hate speech can no longer be ignored because it is like a virus that attacks liberal democracy, an open society and the rights and freedoms of European citizens organically linked to it. This virus has already entered the central nervous system of modern democracy, of politics, from where it sends destructive impulses in every direction. It seems that the European liberals have understood that the fight against hate speech in general and hate speech in politics, in particular, must become a priority. Hate speech is incompatible with European values, and its normalisation undermines the foundations of liberal democracy based on openness, inclusiveness, social pluralism and competition of ideas.  

To be able to fight it, we must know it better… The workshop focuses on hate speech in general and hate speech in politics, in particular. It aims at raising awareness among liberal and liberal-minded activists and experts. It will analyse the hatred discourse of populist movements and radical groups in EU member states. Participants will exchange best practices on how to spot it, how to combat it and how to protect its victims. 

The methodology for developing the liberal response will be based on analysis of “US/THEM. Hate Speech at the Service of Politics“, the recent publication carried out by European Liberal Forum that studies the problem from 27 perspectives of different EU member-states.

Opening remarks
Milosz HodunSecond Vice-PresidentEuropean Liberal Forum 

Speakers include
Prof. Michał Bilewicz, SWPS University

Moderated by
Trainers from the Jewish Association Czulent
Michal Tecza, Projekt: Polska 

This is a hybrid event that can be followed either in-person or online.


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