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Illiberal Tours – Destination: Budapest

15-17 October 2021 | ​Budapest


Illiberal governments claim they are restoring the old fame of the nation and strive to rebuild some sort of golden era. To this end, illiberal countries have significant investments and the construction industry lies in the centre of the activity. The renovated and newly emerged buildings often mirror back nostalgia, but more importantly, it creates a political smokescreen for the fine-tuned cooperation between the administration and the group of oligarchs in illiberal states. Together they overwrite democratic rules for economic advantages, dismantle checks and balances to diminish transparency and misuse EU funds.

Illiberal tours aim to look behind the curtains and see how the economical mechanisms and social dynamics are working under illiberal governments. In the “Destination: Budapest” part of the tour participants will discuss how economics are built up based on solely political cooperations and how illiberal governments re-shaped public spaces to serve their narratives. The aim of the workshop is to discuss measurements for liberal organisations and stakeholders to identify and combat illiberal tendencies in their country.



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