Improving Communication on Human Rights (Online Workshop)


To do their work, human rights defenders (HRDs) need to be able to perform their activities unhindered and exercise their rights fully. Unfortunately, the safety of HRDs is not guaranteed everywhere in the European Union. The rise of authoritarian tendencies and illiberal populism pose a serious threat to HRDs’ safety. Attacks on press freedom in Slovakia and Malta, criminalization of organized efforts to offer support to refugees and migrants in Hungary, defamation of LGBTI and gender equality activists byPolish authorities are just a few examples of obstructed working conditions of HRDs. With COVID-19 pandemic replacing in-person gatherings and meetings with virtual ones, knowing how to use audio-visual means of communication in advocacy campaigns is an important skill for raising awareness for your cause and reaching out to a wider public. In order to create safer work environment for HRDs and promote liberal solutions for increasing visibility and safety of HRDs it is necessary to offer support for HRDs through public awareness campaigns. To know how to communicate human rights issues through audio-visual means of communication and social media is an important step towards that goal.This five-day tailor-made workshop will show you how to useaudio-visualstorytelling and techniquesand work with creative teamsto get your message across and provide you with practical takeaways for managing social mediaand media relations. Participants will also get a hands-on experience of creating a video series on the work of human rights defenders.

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