It’s the environment, stupid! Liberal climate change solutions


Facing a major pandemic and consequently a massive economic crisis, some may forget – sometimes even deliberately – that the climate crisis is still a not solved problem for nature and humanity alike. Despite this ongoing pandemic, European politicians may not lose the focus on future challenges such as the effects of rising greenhouse gas emissions. Thus, this study may be the basis for liberal discussions on climate change and set the right direction the European Union and its member states may take to account when determining future climate politics.

Moreover, empowering citizens and the private energy sector, energy production and consumption can be much more efficient on a local level, and a wise legal framework may incentives climate-friendly actions. Additionally, by decoupling GDP growth from a rise or fall of emissions, and thus get past an irrational debate on degrowth, politics may follow the path of green growth. This will lead to the creation of jobs, wealth and a healthful environment.

In light of all this, this study aims to contribute to a scientific debate on how European politics need to cope with the climate crisis and its effects, by empowering citizens and encourage prosumers and local governments to build a legal framework for a healthy environment-

Within this event, we want to present the results of this study and discuss theories, ideas and opinions with an international panel and audience.

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