Liberal Fighting Disinformation: Countering Fake News and Protecting Cyber Space

Cyber ​​and information security is one of the major challenges faced by states and companies at the time of the expansion of information and communication technologies. This issue was dedicated to the working breakfast organized by the European Liberal Forum on 15 November 2018, in cooperation with the Institute for Politics and Society and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. GLOBSEC expert expert Katarína Klingová and CyberGym Europe security analyst Jan Sharadin presented the speech as speakers. The discussion was moderated by analyst of the Institute for Politics and Society Roman Máca.

In the area of ​​cyber-security and information security, a number of shortcomings appear in both states. “The Slovak Republic, as compared to the Czech Republic, lacks a national security audit that would point to safety gaps.” Katarína Klingová said. She also added that the current legislation, which was created for cyber security in Slovakia, only transposes EU standards. Therefore, they do not have a sufficient level for the public-private cooperation factor or a greater emphasis on transparency issues.

Jan Šaradin considers the low level of awareness and deficiencies in internal communication, among others, for entities operating critical and important information infrastructures as a major problem. “There is no obligation for penetration testing in the Czech Republic and there is also no standardization in the protection of infrastructure in response to threats. The nature of the attackers has changed, relying solely on the software is not enough. “Says Šaradin. In this context, the recent cyber attacks on foreign affairs in the Czech and Slovak Republics were also discussed. Jan Šaradin pointed out that it is very challenging to find the attackers after a long time and that the attention should therefore be drawn to the recognition of the techniques and methods of the attacks. The establishment of Security operation and Cyber ​​Defense Centers in a multinational corporations environment as well as the emergence of specialized cyber security professions in universities is considered a positive trend.

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