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The third workshop took place on 25th of May at Trianon Hotel in București. The training team composed of Ciprian Negoiță – speaker and co-moderator, Tudor Tim Ionescu – co-moderator and organizer and Raimar Wagner – team coordinator continued with the same game plan already agreed in Timișoara and Ploiești. Once again the workshop was a real success.

This workshop was attended by 18 active and determined participants from different social and professional backgrounds (according to the list of attendance and their personal presentation there were present students, advisors to the ministers, security guards, local entrepreneurs)  contributed a lot in the discussions.

The workshop opened with short presentations of the participants and their opinions regarding the challenges faced by the European Union and about the rise of populism in Europe. Many participants considered that populism represented a danger to the stability of the EU project. This extended discussion had the purpose to help the participants to identify the problems in Romania that can be solved with the help of the EU and the role of Romania inside the Union. The answers were quantified.

Interesting was the fact that more than half of the participants considered that European values should prevail in our society. On the meta-cards 60% wrote that equality and equal treatment and dignity and non-discrimination are very important for them. Following the short presentation of these results, the workshop continued with a half an hour coffee break. In the second part of the workshop, using recent political and social events that happened both inside and outside EU, the moderator presented 9 priorities that are outmost importance for ALDE party. However, many were already identified by the participants during the debates. After the presentation, all the participants voted for their favorite priority.

Following closely the rules of the agreed game plan, all the participants voted the topics that were considered relevant for them. Thus, after counting the votes, we realize that human rights, EU security and globalization and climate change are considered the most relevant. Finally, the workshop ended with intriguing debates of the 3 most voted topics human rights, EU security and globalization and climate change (World Café). It seems that all the participants, eager to discuss and contribute with ideas, had requested that the agenda be adjusted to make more time for this particular session.

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