Liberal Messages for Europe

The first workshop took place on 19th of May at the Check in Hotel in Timisoara. The training team composed of Ciprian Negoiță – moderator, Tudor Tim Ionescu – event organizer and Raimar Wagner – team coordinator arrived at the venue one day before, May 18, 2018, in order to meet for fine-tuning of the agenda and coordination of facilitation. The workshop was attended by 17 active and determined participants from different social and professional backgrounds (see the list of attendance attached: students, sales agents, administrators, entrepreneurs, teachers, civil servants). The diversity of participants and their different interpretations of the challenges faced by the EU and interventions contributed a lot both in identifying and explaining new dimensions of the liberal messages that could be used in the following European parliamentary elections.

The moderator continued with an ice-breaker that required the participants to write down on two different color meta-cards (blue and yellow) short ideas and considerations regarding the problems in Romania that can be solved with the help of the EU and the role of Romania inside the Union. The moderator then presented the results of this activity, and each participant contributed with comments on each of the topic written down by the other colleagues. After a half an hour coffee break, the moderator continued with a presentation (for more details please see the power point presentation) on the ALDE Party Manifesto. He presented the 9 topics (EU’s security and its relation with NATO, globalization and climate changes, digital era and globalization, free trade and the international commerce, EU budget, transport, infrastructure and mobility, human rights, economic and monetary policies and migration as a challenge and opportunity) that were thoroughly explained to the participants. Afterwards, all of the nine topics were then printed on meta-cards and were then pasted on the board as preparation for the voting process. At this point, after the presentation, all the participants started discussing and voting (six votes each) in the same time the top six issues out of the nine already presented, that they consider important and stood out for them.

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