Liberal Messages for Europe

The second workshop took place on 24th of May at Central Hotel in Ploiesti. The training team composed of Ciprian Negoiță – speaker and co-moderator, Tudor Tim Ionescu – co-moderator and organizer and Raimar Wagner – team coordinator continued with the same game plan already agreed in Timișoara. This workshop benefited from a high number of active participants.  According to the list of attendance 35 active and determined participants from different social and professional backgrounds (economists, administrators, engineers, students, veterinary physicians, teachers, IT technicians, legal advisors, logistic specialists ) contributed a lot in the discussions. All the participants introduced themselves and with a sense of responsibility engaged in the debates regarding the challenges faced by the European Union. The discussions were very productive and challenging. Therefore the answers of each participant regarding the problems in Romania that can be solved with the help of the EU and the role of Romania inside the Union were quantified. For the citizens of Ploiești it seems that a high performing health care system, education and economic development are considered priorities and could be integrated in a general message. Following the short presentation of these results, the workshop continued with a half an hour coffee break.

The second part of the workshop continued with a thorough presentation of the 9 topics extracted from the ALDE conferences as follows: EU’s security and its relation with NATO, globalization and climate changes, digital era and globalization, free trade and the international commerce, EU budget, transport, infrastructure and mobility, human rights, economic and monetary policies and migration as a challenge and opportunity). Giving the high number of active participants, the voting process was challenging. It seems that the top priorities that could be integrated in the general messages that ALDE could deliver next year are, for the citizens of Ploiești, human rights, EU security, EU budget and digital era and globalization.

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