Liberal Messages for Europe

The sixth workshop took place on 8th of June at Manhattan Hotel in Chișinău. The training team composed of Ciprian Negoiță – moderator, Tudor Tim Ionescu – event organizer and Raimar Wagner – team coordinator made no significant changes to the initial game plan. However, the workshop length (more than 3h and 30 minutes) took more than expected initially since some of the discussions and debates were addressed in depth (EU policies, liberal values. LGBT rights).

The first part of the workshop introduced all the participants through the challenges faced by the European Union. The moderator discussed with all the participants the recent advents of spontaneous populism and the rise of populist political parties in EU from Hungary, Italy, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Slovenia and France. Besides discussing about the fate of the tradition parties in Europe, some of the debates were concentrated on the influence of Russia in Moldova in particular, and in Europe in general. Despite the radical views of the participants on some topics, the moderator identified the fact that everyone present in the conference hall was pro-European, with Romanian and Moldovan citizenship, in favor of liberal values (however with little or no knowledge basic conceptual liberal values). The need to strengthen the liberal values ​​among Moldovan citizens seems more than necessary.

In the part of the workshop were all the participants had to write down on two different color meta short ideas and considerations regarding the problems in Moldova that can be solved with the help/involvement of EU and the role of Moldova as a reliable partner for EU the comments, to a certain extent, were both surprising and import.

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