On the Agenda 11 – Rule of Law: at what cost?


As everyone was waiting for the new long-term EU budget (MFF) and COVID-19 rescue plan to be approved before Christmas, Poland and Hungary have vetoed the approval of these 2 financial instruments, which together are worth approx. 1.8 trillion EUR. The two Member States oppose the EU’s plan to tie funding to the respect of the Rule of Law. Hungary has also received indirect support from Slovenia, whose Prime Minister is a close ally to Viktor Orban.

With vital payments pending on this approval, how can the EU solve this crisis?

09h30 – 10h30 (CET)

Opening & Closing Remarks
Daniel Kaddik, Executive Director, European Liberal Forum

Beatriz Rios, EU Affairs Reporter

Our speakers include
Blazej Lenkowski, President, Fundacja Liberté! & Publisher of Liberté!
Richard Youngs, PhD, Senior Fellow, Carnegie Europe & Professor of International Relations, University of Warwick
Andrea Virag, Director of Strategy, Republikon Insitute

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