On the Agenda 8 – EU-Russia Relations

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EU-Russia relations have never been an easy affair, especially following years of conflict in the Eastern Partnership countries.
Recently, Vladimir Putin’s support for Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus, and the poisoning of Putin’s opponent Alexei Navalny, have ignited the debate over new sanctions towards Russia.
As Europe’s biggest and most populous neighbour, is it realistic to expect any improvement in the relations between the two blocs?

Date: 29 October 2020, 09h30 – 10h30 (CET)

Opening Remarks:
Hilde Vautmans, Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe Group and President of the Board of Directors, European Liberal Forum

Our speakers include
Bernard Guetta, Member of the European Parliament, Renew Europe Group
Amanda Valentin, Deputy Secretary-General, Swedish International Liberal Centre
Daniel Mitov, Consultant, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Bulgaria

Beatriz Ríos
, EU Affairs Reporter

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